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February 20, 2019
this is the 2nd best but a 5 star hope ther eis a 4th
February 19, 2019
Not brilliant, but very enjoyable for audiences 15 and younger. The typically low quality of the jokes is made up for by the sheer mass, and - I will admit - I laughed. A lot. A very fitting conclusion to this amusing franchise.
February 18, 2019
Offers a few laughs but lacks substance, even for a comedy!
½ February 17, 2019
It had some truly awesome scenes and had my children in hysterics at point. It *nearly* offset the boring moments.
February 10, 2019
Good to see him back!
February 9, 2019
Hilarious! Great acting. Works as both slapstick and satire
February 6, 2019
Nice for young teen ager!
February 5, 2019
Even if all the jokes have already been made it's still great and simple comedy to satisfy one's simple needs for laughter
February 4, 2019
Using current trend as a standard, Bean sets out to make another silly spy agent sequel that is just plain foolish fun for us who just want a great laugh with friends and family.
February 2, 2019
There's not enough time to list everything wrong with this film but the one problem that tops all others is the fact that Johnny English Strikes Again is simply unfunny. It's loaded with hackneyed gags that have long since lost their charm and a lame 007 parody literally no one asked for. Rowan Atkinson is no Mr. Bean and it's a shame because Johnny English isn't half as entertaining. Let's hope this is the last time Johnny English will ever strike.
½ February 2, 2019
While the 007 movie getting deep and dark minded, the Johnny English movie still be funny. And it is funny enough to not outdated by using the old school tools to cause jokes.
January 28, 2019
I really enjoyed this movie, really funny for the family to watch. It's a spy/funny movie.
½ January 28, 2019
Lazy, sexist and absolute terrible jokes that can't get a chuckle from a Toddler. The script doesn't make sense, the stunts defy basic physics and everything about the plot is absolutely predictable. You could replace Rowan Atkinson with Adam Sandler and it wouldn't make a damn difference. What a waste of time! Someone please STOP this franchise.
January 28, 2019
A funny film with the same hint of comedy and quirkiness as the other movies did. Rowan Atkinson is truly a talented actor and is fit for the role of Johnny English.
½ January 27, 2019
Laugh out loud funny. Just a silly over the top usual Rowan Atkins movie. A roll backcto his Mr. Bean days.
Watch this if you just want a great slap stick funny movie.
January 26, 2019
tiene momentos muy graciosos
January 22, 2019
Better than I expected. Yes, some of the comedy is silly and awkward, but I did get quite a number of laughs here, and I certainly can think of worse ways to escape from the world for an hour and a half.
½ January 22, 2019
Johnny English 3.0 (2018) #MovieReview 2,5 �� Após invasão ao banco de dados do MI7 (revelando todos os agentes secretos) e vários cyber ataques, governo chama antigo agente aposentado (forçosamente). Algumas risadas e só. Sessão da Tarde.
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½ January 20, 2019
Johnny English is a franchise that continues to get worse with every movie they release, which obviously makes Strikes Again (as the newest) the worst to date, but I will say, there is one sequence with a certain cannister of pills that I did genuinely enjoy. But digging five minutes out of an hour and a half is not really a rate good experience.
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